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Amish Country – 300 Piece DOWDLE


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Finished Puzzle Size: 16 x 20 in.

In 1701, William Penn signed his Charter of Privileges, opening his colony to people of all faiths. Many Amish Anabaptists heard this and came to settle in Pennsylvania in the 1700s, establishing themselves as part of the identity of the Lancaster region. Today they still thrive there, though their lifestyle may seem to be from a “time gone by.” Living in communities of 20–40 families, they abide by a general set of rules called “Ordnung.” Unique community standards, such as acceptable colors for clothing and houses, are set by a group of elders, led by a bishop. These tight-knit communities are known for their work ethic, hand-crafted wares, and simple, faithful lives.

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Amish Country – 300 Piece DOWDLE