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Autumn Bloom | Boxed Flower


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Our latest addition to the Private Reserve collection, Autumn Bloom delivers the comforts of fall with smoky almond wood and warm sensual musk. This seasonal-favorite blends our luxurious buffing body wash with a quintessential blend of citrus white tea, yuzu, edelweiss, and vetiver for a candy-colored dance under the harvest moon. Smells LikeA fresh breath of autumn air & a crisp roaring fire. Feels LikeA walk thru the woods with all fall leaves in full bloom. Fragrance Notes Top: Citrus White Tea, Mirabelle PlumMiddle: Black Rose, Watery Lotus, Peach BlossomBase: Warm Patchouli, Almond Wood, Sensual Musk.

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Autumn Bloom | Boxed Flower
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