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ebba™ – Cuddlers Luvster™ – 16″ Highland Cow Luvster


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. . Description. . x. . Cuddlers: Floppy Friends for Baby’s First HugWelcome to Cuddlers, where every plush creation is more than just a plush toy – it’s an embrace waiting to happen. Our plush boutique showcases a delightful array of snuggly animal friends, each designed with an irresistible floppy aesthetic and crafted from two-toned fabrics that make them stand out in the plushie crowd. But what truly sets Cuddlers apart is our dedication to the littlest dreamers. Tailored specifically for babies, each of our plushies is made with the gentlest materials, ensuring they’re soft and ultra-cuddly, making them perfect companions for tiny hands to grasp and squeeze. Dive into the Cuddlers collection, where innovative design meets baby-approved comfort, ensuring every nap, playtime, or bedtime is sprinkled with love and snuggles.Highland Cow Cuddler Luvster – Plush Blanket for Babies by ebbaMeet the Highland Cow Cuddler Luvster, the perfect blend of a plush toy and a comforting blanket from ebba’s Cuddlers line. Designed with little ones in mind, this Luvster provides the best of both worlds: a plush highland cow to ignite the imagination and a soft, cozy blanket for comfort. The plush head with its friendly face and tufts of hair offers a sense of security, while the blanket is perfect for snuggling. Safe and gentle for babies, it’s an excellent choice for a comforting naptime buddy, a travel companion, or a soothing presence during new experiences. It’s the ideal gift for a baby shower or a thoughtful present for your own little one.Cozy Comfort Awaits – Snuggle Up with Highland Cow Cuddler Luvster Today!. This plush is approx. 10″ x 3.5″ x 16″ in size. Made from the highest-quality materials so your little one can be endlessly cuddled. Designed to be a cute Highland Cow plush blanket ready for crib-time sleeps. Extra soft so your baby feels ultimate comfort. Free from bean pellets, suitable for all ages. . .

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ebba™ – Cuddlers Luvster™ – 16″ Highland Cow Luvster
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