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Mukki, 10 in


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Mukki’s a special bear who loves the outdoors – so much so that his fur resembles the trees! He loves running around the forest, making new friends of all sorts and playing games along the way. Mukki prides himself in being a good friend to others and always coming up with the latest fun games and ways to spend a long day in the woods. Mukki is also a cuddle buddy who is prepared for every season, sporting his lovely, thick plush coat that he knows makes the best snuggles!

This plump bear is super-stuffed and extra-squishy, boasting woodgrain-inspired two-tone plush fur, a dark brown corduroy nose, and a cream-colored muzzle and paws. Mukki’s tummy is full of extra-squishy stuffing that makes him perfect for super-sized hugs, and he’s designed with oversized, mitten-shaped paws that are perfect for grabbing! This bear also sits balanced on any flat surface and boasts floppy arms and legs perfect for posing. Mukki’s a perfect snuggly pal for collectors and cuddlers of all ages! Mukki is surface-washable and appropriate for ages 1 and up. Do not machine-wash or use harsh chemical cleaners.

Mukki is available in two squeezable sizes: 11” and 16”

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Mukki, 10 in