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Sleeping Beauty The Power of Love – 500 Piece


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. . Once upon a time, there lived a mom and a dad who just so happen to be king and queen. They looked forward with great anticipation to the birth of a little princess. When she arrived there was a great celebration. They now had an heir to the throne, and someone they could love with all their hearts. There was nothing they wouldn’t do for their little girl. Fifteen years ago, my wife and I welcomed our eighth and final child. We were filled with that same joy. There was nothing we wouldn’t give him. However, as we learned with all our children, there’s only so much you can do to protect them. We have always felt that someone other than us, was watching out for them. Our wonderful boy is growing up. He is awesome! We are so grateful that he has had more than just his parents looking out for him — great teachers, good friends, and handpicked role models. They lift him up and help him fight the dragons of the world. “Sleeping Beauty” is that example of hope we have in the “Prince Charming’s” around us to encourage and help us on life’s journey. . .

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Sleeping Beauty The Power of Love – 500 Piece
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